NSF GRMA Joint Committee for Cosmetics Looking for Members

NSF is seeking experts to serve on the GRMA Joint Committee for Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics.  Specifically, members from industry (cosmetic manufacturers) and public health (academia, government, public health officials, doctors) are still needed before the Joint Committee may be officially formed.  Members provide technical guidance, review and vote on revisions to draft/proposed NSF/ANSI standards, and address public health and safety issues.  To seat the Joint Committee, there must be a balance of members representing Users, Public Health and Safety/Regulatory, and Industry stakeholders. Are you interested?

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Building A Blueprint for Quality Standards: The Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA)

The groups are defined as following:

User is a person outside the manufacturing sector who purchases, uses, or specifies materials, products, systems, or services covered in the various scopes of the NSF/ANSI Standards. For the purpose of the Joint Committee for the Good Manufacturing Practices of Cosmetics, a user would include retailers or cosmetics companies that contract out their manufacturing.

Public Health and Safety/Regulatory is a person from a public agency (local, regional, state, federal, or international) or represents a professional public/environmental health/safety organization, academia, or a model code organization.

Industry is a person who manufactures, produces, assembles, distributes, or sells materials, products, systems, or services to the Users described above.  Industry trade association representatives are included in this membership classification.

If you are interested in learning more please either leave a comment below so I may follow up with you or contact Rachel Brooker at NSF at rbrooker@nsf.org.  You can also learn more here.


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