Unintentional Drug Claims on Cosmetics Not Actionable

Unintentional Drug Claims on Cosmetics Not Actionable

Last month, a long running case against Beiersdorf, Inc., makers of Nivea, was dismissed. ¬†I would normally prepare a summary myself, but in this case, the first 3 paragraphs of the court’s opinion provides a great summary:

Five years ago, Ashley Franz purchased a $10 bottle of Nivea’s Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion from a CVS in San Diego. She spent an extra $4 on this Lotion because she believed the claim on the bottle: “Improves Skin’s Firmness in as little as 2 weeks.” When the Lotion didn’t firm her skin as advertised, she filed a class action against¬†Beiersdorf, Inc. (“Nivea”) for false advertising and for selling an unapproved drug.

About a year ago, the Court dismissed Franz’s false advertising claim, and found the FDA had primary jurisdiction to decide if the Lotion was a drug. The Court stayed the case to allow Franz to petition the FDA to take enforcement action against Nivea for making skin-firming claims that Franz maintains makes the Lotion a drug that requires FDA approval. The FDA declined to take any action.

Franz filed a second amended complaint based on a single claim: Nivea is engaged in unfair competition because it’s selling the Lotion as an unapproved drug. Nivea moved to dismiss. Because the Court lacks jurisdiction, it dismisses the complaint.

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