Going to Expo West? If so, join me for The Future of: Nanos, Naturals, and the Direction of Other No-Nonsense Claims in Cosmetics

Expo West in Anaheim is only a week away! Whether you are going as an exhibitor or simply plan to walk around, network, and browse, I hope you can join me for my presentation:  The Future of: Nanos, Natural, and the Direction of Other No-Nonsense Claims in Cosmetics.  In this informative and interactive session we will discuss the direction of advertising claims in the cosmetics industry.  I will address the legal implications of certain claims and how to minimize legal risks.  In addition, I will discuss the direction of regulatory enforcement by looking at recent proposed legislation, the FTC’s Green Guides, and various state laws.

Also, are you interested in meeting? If so, send me an email so we can coordinate.

I look forward to seeing you at Natural Products Expo West!

The Future of: Nanos, Natural, and the Direction of Other No-Nonsense Claims in Cosmetics

Friday, March 6, 2015 from 12:30-1:30 pm in Marriott, Orange County Ballroom 1/2

Register Now! Looking Good in the Eyes of the Law — Updated Agenda

Register Now! Looking Good in the Eyes of the Law — Updated Agenda

I am excited to announce a few changes to the agenda for our Looking Good in the Eyes of the Law seminar. Curt Valva of Aubrey Organics will be the MC for the seminar.  In addition, Dr. Paula Johnson, Research Scientist and Lead of the California Safe Cosmetics Act Program will be a presenter.  A revised agenda and updated brochure will be available soon.  But don’t wait to register as spaces are filling up quickly.  For more information please visit the events page here.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Changes Coming to Chinese Cosmetics Regulatory Regime

According to ChemLinked reporter, Angelita Hu, China is making an effort to develop regulatory protocols and standards which match the technical and supervisory capacity of the cosmetic industry, by revising the 2007 Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics. To date the proposed revisions are seen as the most significant progress made in amending the standard since the release of the revised body of the 2007 Hygienic Standard (renamed Cosmetic Technical Safety Standard) in 30 Nov 2012. For past year it has been reported that the Chinese FDA has coordinated with the National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) in a further revision of this draft. Following over a year of detailed revision work, the NIFDC is now soliciting opinions from the public on the new draft of the Technical Safety Standard for Cosmetics. The public comment period ends February 28, 2015.

The basic revision work for the NIFDC are the adjustment of the regulatory framework (the new draft is divided into two parts: body and appendixes), the standardization of contents and wordings and the correction of some errors, such as typing errors, wrong CAS numbers, etc.. The most significant changes to the new draft are that the NIFDC added testing methods of 50 prohibited/restricted substances, improved partial testing and revisions to the animal testing requirements.

For many companies that have opted to stay out of the Chinese cosmetics market due to the animal testing requirements, this is welcomed news.  It is also a sign that pressures from outside environmental groups is having an impact.  This next year should be an exciting time as we see more consistency in regulatory standards in the global market.