Science & Innovation Driving the Beauty Category Workshop at SupplySide West

Are you going to SupplySide® West? If so, I hope you will join me and two other presenters at the Workshop titled “Science & Innovation Driving the Beauty Category.”  In the workshop, I will discuss the legal requirements relating to supply chain verification and best practices relating to novel cosmetic ingredients. 


The following is a description provided for the workshop:

Evolving science is realizing the potential of novel natural ingredients to address concerns such as aging, skin vitality and other cosmetic needs. Though demand is high for beautifying products boasting unique, effective ingredients, brand owners who seek to incorporate novel ingredients into beauty and personal care products must be prepared to address a challenging supply chain and the evolving market.

  • Considerations around the use of novel ingredients in cosmetic/beauty products.
  • Sourcing and supply chain considerations related to novel cosmetic ingredients.
  • Developing an effective marketing  strategy for novel personal care products.

The recent bankruptcy filing of the world’s 7th-largest container carrier, that disrupted global trade networks and significantly drove up freight rates in all sectors, provides a valuable lesson in the importance of building a supply  chain through sound management aimed to developing and fostering resilience up and down the supply chain.

In addition, novel ingredients present extra First Mile challenges to ensuring ingredient quality and transparency.  How do manufacturers and distributors development and maintain a resilient and secure supply chain while under increased scrutiny from consumers, retailers, and regulatory bodies?

These topics and more will be covered at the Workshop.  I hope to see you there.

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