Count Down to CARB

The old adage may be that “time flies when you’re having fun” but unfortunately, lately I have found that it just plain flies!  I received an email earlier this week from my friend and mentor Gordon Greenwood of Maclaren Corlett LLP in Canada.  He noticed I hadn’t posted in a while, which isn’t really like me, and was just checking in.  He also thought my readers and clients could use a nudge regarding the upcoming November 2015 deadline for companies to provide the California Air Resources Board (CARB) 2014 sales data — the next data collection point in the Consumer and Commercial Products Survey as discussed in prior posts.  And, as usual, Gordon was right–after all, CARB’s 2014 data reporting for the Consumer Products Program began over 5 weeks ago, and ends on November 1, 2015…less than 3 months from now.  Have you started working on the survey?  If not, over 25% of your reporting time has already slipped by and reporting can be very time-consuming.

Some points to ponder:

  • Is your name on the label of a consumer product?  If it is, you likely must report.
  • Do you know what a “consumer product” is for the purposes of CARB reporting?  Hint– most cosmetic products fall within the scope of the program.
  • Are you a “responsible party” under CARB?
  • Do you sell in the U.S. but don’t know if your products go into California?
  • How consolidated is your 2014 data?
  • There can be penalties for not reporting — though generally reserved for major offenders
  • Visit
  • If you find you need help in reporting, make sure you get it from someone who actually knows what they are doing!

The CARB Clock is ticking and there may be a lot for you to do in the time remaining.  Call it nagging. Call it a friendly reminder. Call it what you like so long as it is a call to action for you.

Now– for those who made it to the bottom of this post, I feel I owe a bit of an explanation of my recent disappearance.  In June, my husband–father of my 3 kids and best friend–was diagnosed with stage IV Pancreatic Cancer.  Since that time, our world has been turned upside down.  I continue to work for my cosmetic clients and have continued to take on a handful of new clients, but a good portion of my days are now devoted to caring for him and my family.  No matter your beliefs, I would be honored if you would take a moment to say a prayer, think a positive healing thought, or send positive healing vibes his direction– we need them dearly.  God bless.

Thank you Gordon for the kick start– you are a good friend and mentor.

2 thoughts on “Count Down to CARB

  1. Angela – We’ve certainly missed your posts. Lots of positive healing vibes going out your way.
    – Tom Vichroski


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