Looking Good in the Eyes of the Law: 2015 Cosmetics Compliance Seminar

Join us for a day and a half legal seminar devoted to the cosmetics industry on April 17-18, 2015 in San Francisco, California. Distinguished lawyers and regulatory experts representing the cosmetics and personal care industries will share their knowledge, experience and insight on the latest legal and regulatory developments impacting the cosmetics industry. This seminar will help you comply with the laws and regulations affecting cosmetics companies doing business or selling products in the US, Canada and Europe. Learn how to avoid common labeling and marketing errors, including the scope of claims that may be made and avoiding unintentional drug claims that can cause your product to be a misbranded illegal drug. The significance of recent congressional, legislative and regulatory activity will be evaluated and applied to the cosmetics industry. Also, trending marketing claims, e.g., “organic,” “natural” and “made in the USA,” will be examined. This comprehensive seminar will provide practical advice and strategies to ensure your company’s cosmetics labeling, marketing and advertising minimize the risk of a consumer fraud class action lawsuit and keep your company “looking good in the eyes of the law.”  Download the full brochure with all of the details. Follow this link to register.  Seating is limited so register today and save.

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